Hard work beats talent!

Vision & Mission

Here at Marvin Football Program we want to create equal chances for footballers from amateurs to professionals! MFP stands for more equality in today's capitalized football business.  I started my website because I´ve seen talented players struggling with their physical side / fitness. In modern football, if you are not fit enough it's really difficult to make it pro, or perform well for 90 minutes. Creating the opportunity to work on your goal under professional circumstances is my way of giving back from the privilege I enjoyed and learned from in the last 7 years. I was never the most talent player on the teams I've played, but I can ASSURE you that I was the strongest, fastest, and quickest, so I decided to start studying, learning and getting obsessed to make the people I coach the strongest, fastest, and quickest on their teams.  Providing affordable products from training programs to nutrition guides which allow you to take the next step in your career is what we are here for.

From Footballers for Footballers!